Hardcastle English

Improve your English: from home or office!

I am a native English speaker and I provide online conversational English lessons, using Skype. I have a proven history of helping clients improve their level of English.

A typical scenario…

Individuals often come to me with a previous knowledge of the English language, but have little or no experience in actually speaking it. Without a person on hand to correct their mistakes, it is almost inevitable that they will develop "bad habits" from early on in their studies.

My clients...

• Professionals wanting to improve their business English.

• Academics travelling abroad to deliver presentations at conferences.

• University students preparing for English proficiency exams.

• People who have English speaking family members.

• People preparing for a new life abroad.

• Non-professionals simply wanting to learn English for pleasure.

"But, Count," I said, "You know and speak English thoroughly!" He bowed gravely. "I thank you, my friend, for your all too-flattering estimate, but yet I fear that I am but a little way on the road I would travel. True, I know the grammar and the words, but yet I know not how to speak them." "Indeed," I said, "you speak excellently." "Not so," he answered. "Well, I know that, did I move and speak in your London, none there are who would not know me for a stranger. That is not enough for me. Here I am noble. I am a Boyar. The common people know me, and I am a master. But a stranger in a strange land, he is no one. Men know him not, and to know not is to care not for. I am content if I am like the rest, so that no man stops if he sees me, or pauses in his speaking if he hears my words, "Ha, ha! A stranger!" - From Bram Stoker's "Dracula"